Aerial Drone Videography, FPV & Specialist UAVs with Skilled Pilots

Drone video - Captured from a whole new perspective.

We offer CAA accredited UAV Aerial Drone Video & photography nationally, from our HQ in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Professional CAA Drone Pilots

Drone company in Peterborough, Northamptonshire | Cambridgeshire

Aerial videos - taking video production to new heights!

Aerial video is growing in popularity, but with that it brings stricter regulations to follow. Our CAA accredited, licensed & insured pilots offer stunning aerial footage captured with the very latest drone technology, offering footage capture in up to 6k. We offer both drone photography & videography services, as well as FVP Drone Pilots for unlimited possibilities. Our creative directors ensure our drone shots always look truly epic! We offer a range a weight category drones, including light weight (sub 250g) drones to work around the 2021 drone regulation updates.

Stunning Aerial Shots

UAV Drone shots really can take a production from great, to epic in just a few shots. Companies often commission drone shoots to establish size of businesses and their site locations. Aerial shots are also perfect for setting the scene and adding creative perspectives. We use specialist drone equipment tailored to the shoot requirements & budgets. All shoots are carried out by a qualified pilot with all the necessary documentation.

FPV Drone Pilots

First-person drone known as FPV drones are the latest in drone technology. Our pilots wear goggles with inbuilt screens allowing them to fly in first person, allowing for unrivalled creativity. These FPV drones squeeze through tight spaces and tilt at crazy angles both inside and outdoors, creating breath taking results.

What areas do we cover? We offer aerial drone video services throughout the UK. Eldraw Creative Media is based in Peterborough, bordering the counties of Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire. We can schedule a local meeting, or arrange a Skype consultation to discuss your project in more detail.

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