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Monthly Content Plans

that resonate with your audience.

We Offer Bespoke Content Creation Plans (Video & Photography) Crafted Around Your Business Marketing Goals. Our Skilled Team Of Content Creators Deliver Monthly Assets - Perfect For Use On Social Media, Linked-In And Youtube Shorts.


Video & Photo Content For Social Media

Bring your Brand to Life with Bespoke Content

Looking to grow a consistent and captivating story for your brand throughout the year? At Eldraw Creative Media, we've got you covered with our monthly content plans. Our approach is not just about creating content; it's about curating a strong brand image tailored to your unique marketing goals and strategies. Posting regularly is key to success, which is why our plans are designed to give you a mix of short & longer form content, allowing you to stay present and grow a following online. Get access to our experienced content creators and their expensive equipment, for an affordable monthly retainer.

Choose A Level That Suits Your Budget

From Monthly shoots to Quarterly visits - Every plan is bespoke, following an in-depth analysis of your industry and goals. Our content is delivered ready to post by your own marketing team, or you may opt for our fully managed service. Build in a number of longer form corporate videos for an unrivalled brand presence.

How it works:

It all starts with a strategy session which deep dives into your goals & explores your ideal customer avatars.

Our team at Eldraw Creative Media collaborates closely with you to grasp the essence of your business, allowing us to create content that authentically reflects your brand's personality and values.

We Deliver Regular Content

We believe that every piece of content should serve a purpose. Whether it's to increase brand awareness, or boost direct conversions. Our approach involves delivering regular, dynamic content that not only captures attention, but works the algorithms for further reach. This may involve leveraging trending sounds or capitalising on the latest online trends. This gives your social media channels the best chance at remaining in the forefront of your audience's feeds. Consistency is key, which is why we advise a 12 month plan for best results!

Flexible Terms

Save £1,000's with retainer discount!

Our 12 month retainers let you benefit from between 10-20% in discount - which can quite literally save you £Thousands. Plus all our plans include a 3 month trial period to make sure we're a good fit. Alternatively you can pay our full price rates and roll month to month - should you prefer.


Remember that all our plans are bespoke to your goals & budget


  • Monthly or bi-monthly recording session at our studio
  • Delivering 15x soundbite reels per month 

10% discount on rates!


  • 6 shoot days per year (on location)
  • 20x soundbite reels per month
  • 3x complex edit reels per month
  • Batch of still photos (50 minimum)
  • Video clip library (individual clips for repurposing)

10% discount on rates!


  • 12 shoot days per year
  • 1x brand film per year
  • 4x case studies per year
  • 10x soundbite reels per month
  • 5x complex edit reels per month
  • Batch of still photos (50 minimum)
  • Video clip library (individual clips for repurposing)

Huge 20% discount on rates!

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