Standing out from your competitors is important, and applies to all aspects of the business. Having a corporate video is likely to help you differentiate yourself from other companies, but what if your competitors have also commissioned a video? Well you need yours to be better, right?

Self made Vs Professional

Do your competitors make their own videos? If they do then a professional video should blow theirs out of the water. If they do use professional video then you definitely should too. BUT remember…just because it’s made by ‘professionals’ doesn’t always mean it’s better when it comes to content.

Different concepts for corporate videos

There is so many possibilities when it comes to video content, that’s why it’s important to plan. What are your goals and what do you expect this video to do for you. One person talking to camera just isn’t going to cut it.

Some ideas:

Consider testimonials -Nothing says ‘you’re good’ better than your own customers
Show off your staff & facilities, -video needs to be visual
Create regular content – Google likes this, and so will your online followers
Include branding – Branded shirts, cars or vans are all good ways to reinforce your brand
Animation & Graphics – Animation can be a good way to get your message across
Get cinematic -Not many companies are yet to embrace a more film like production, be brave, be different. (see Arkle Finance or Black Dog HR)
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