So 2015 is upon us, and no doubt will fly by just as quick as 2014 did!
In the business world many companies will be planning their years marketing strategy, and searching for the latest ways to stand out from their competitors. 2014 saw the use of business videos grow substantially, and it’s only going to increase this year.

Why video marketing is so popular

The reasons for this growth is multifaceted, with one of the prime reasons being its affect on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Regular video content works.
Secondly the versatility of video means a single investment can be used in many avenues, from website home pages, Video AdWord promotions, presentation material through to QR code links. Can your one off print ad design do all of that? …and the cost can be very similar too!
The third advantage of using video content for marketing purposes, is the growing trend that people want knowledge instantly with minimal effort. Especially the younger generation who just don’t read, or won’t engage with browsing for information. A business video puts all your key information in one place, and delivers it in a easy and engaging way. Ideal for any audience age.

Should your business be using video for marketing?

The short answer is probably yes, but of course we are going to say that. Speak to any web company, marketing or social media expert and they won’t disagree with the benefits.
If you would like to discuss how video could work specifically with your business, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly team. We have experience in many business sectors and will be able to advise you on ideas as well as applications. No obligation, just solid advice.