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Youtube review filming

Josh from Electric Scooter Insider is a long standing client, and one of our most fun too. ESI signed up to one of our regular content plans, which sees regular videos delivered each and every month. In this case ESI review a range of electric scooters which sell to global markets, with most of the sales coming from the USA currently. Their highly successful comparison and review website has now been followed up with extensive growth of their Youtube channel here.

We are provided with the main spoken review recorded by CEO Josh, where we then compile the edit using our extensive library of riding footage captured, as well as graphics elements.

We film every month, utilising a full days filming where we capture 3 or more scooter models in bulk. The edits of the extensive reviews are then scheduled throughout the following weeks.

Video Production – Project Breakdown:

  • Monthly filming plan
  • 3×20 min edits per month
  • 1 days filming per month with 2 videographer
  • Specialist gimbal & Onewheel equipment

Electric Scooter Insider

Video Production