Video Production | FPV & Drone

Fort Dunlop

Working alongside Airborne Platforms we produced this gripping commercial real estate tour – shot using a combination of ground based gimbal camera work, FPV drone, and standard drone.

FPV (First Person View drone) adds an unrivalled dynamic to this edit, where our highly skilled drone pilot performs astonishing acrobatic movements around the infamous Fort Dunlop building in Birmingham. The FPV drone due to it’s size and weight was also able to be flown inside during the vast open office space. Additional internal shots were captured with traditional video cameras via gimbal stabilisation rigs.

Project Breakdown:

  • One shoot day, with gimbal stabiliser
  • FPV Drone
  • Standard Drone
  • Editing of all assets
  • Royalty Free Music

Fort Dunlop

Video Production & Drone