Using a website video can afford an array of benefits, including an overarching benefit of increased sales.

It’s now a standard assumption that business will have a website, and the ability to build affordable websites is ever increasing. This means it takes a novel business or a unique service to stand out from the agglomeration of other websites in your industry. Or does it?

Although having a USP is a catapult to attracting a bigger share of the market and achieving more sales, there are things you can do to your website to overcome either not having one – or having strong competition in your area. Your website is the front door to your business and by adding video content to it, you can enjoy a host of benefits.


  1. Website Videos Increase Engagement

The truth is, website visitors don’t always want to be confronted with a block of dull text when they reach your homepage or service pages. They want to locate information quickly and get answers to their questions. Copywriters can of course overcome this with clear headings and spaced out text, but a video is another powerful way of making sure your visitors stay engaged.

Around one third of all online activity is us watching videos – and people would rather spend their time watching than reading. Cater to web surfers with a website video!


  1. Website Videos are Warm and Trustworthy

Another problem with websites is that there can be a cold barrier between the writer and the visitor. There is no face to face interaction and the website is somewhat a middleman. Website videos break down this barrier by showing a smiling face or letting the visitor hear a friendly voice. It is a way to inject some personality into your website and highlight your brand. When people see you and hear your voice, they automatically become more trusting and emotionally invested as well.


  1. Website Videos Increase Understanding

One of the most popular types of website videos is explainer videos. They are used to explain what a product is or how a service works. This enables your visitors to increase their understanding of what you are offering and how it will benefit them. Explainer videos on websites convert more leads and get better results.


  1. Website Videos Enhance the Website Journey

Websites with high bounce rates often experience this because their website journey is confusing or complex. A website video can counter these problems by consolidating information into a short video and preventing visitors from clicking and scrolling in different places – potentially saving you money on web design too. Overall, this increases website dwell time and ticks a box for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


Make Your Website Videos Unique with Eldraw Creative Media

If you want your customers and site visitors to experience these benefits, it is best to get a professionally crafted and edited video that stands out. Eldraw are a creative bunch of video producers serving businesses in a number of industries. Whatever your niche, we are on hand to make your website video purposeful and exciting. We can explore your website and suggest ways to make the customer journey more fluid and informative, which in tern can help with conversion rates and web enquiries. Contact us.