Video optimisation on youtube is very important, are you getting it wrong? Let’s look at a prime example of how a very well produced video is going to waste, at least when it comes to organic video visibility.

Video optimisation on Youtube & Google

Firstly let’s think about how Google (and its spiders) are likely to find your video… Clearly as a robot they are not going to be watching the video in the same way as you and I. So how do they know what your video content is all about? Well the chances are they probably don’t, unless you tell them. That’s where optimisation comes into play.

Video is optimised via youtube in a variety of ways, all of which should tie together to help your video get found by the right people.

Some of the ways Google finds your video

Google is owned by Youtube, that’s a very good thing! Here are some of the things Google uses when deciding which videos to display.

Video Title
Video Description
Audio captions
Tags & File names
Related videos & playlists
Information on your Youtube channel.
Probably in that order too!

An example of poorly optimised video
The pictures annotated above are taken from a real life example I found via a tweet. I have removed any personal details for privacy.

So where have they gone wrong?

Firstly they are probably unaware they have, but let’s take a look…The first image shows the video live on Youtube, unfortunately it has a poor title, yes it has their company name, but it doesn’t say what they do. They also have no description at all, and are likely to have no tags either (behind the scenes). That’s a lot of wasted opportunity to tell Google who they are. Another weakness is the fact that the video itself has no speaking parts, therefor the script can not be automatically analysed by Youtube, or manually written.

The second image shows the companies Youtube channel, anyone clicking through to find those important contact details are going to be sadly disappointed. The only way you will find this company is by making a direct search of the company name on the google homepage. They also have not utilised the links to their other social media channels or written any ‘about us’ text (helping with SEO).

The final image shows the lovely well made video (which it genuinely is, I was impressed) on their homepage, which is great. BUT it has been embedded on the page far too small, and is just unwatchable unless you press full screen, which unfortunately most people don’t. If that was my video investment I would be sure to make it the forefront of my webpage.

Can we help you?

Here at elDRAW we offer guidance on all of the above, and can take care of the optimisation on behalf of our clients. So if you are thinking of commissioning a corporate video why not have a chat with one of the elDRAW team on 01832 730606