By this year, video content was expected to account for around 80% of all online activity. Although that result is yet to be verified, such suggestions make the popularity and demand for video content clear. People who surf the web want to access information through videos more than ever – and this also applies to your business. Whether it is your website or your social media pages, followers and customer expect to see engaging and creative videos. So, what type of videos should you be creating?


filming a video camera man

  1. Product Demos/Explainer Videos

Product and service explanations can make all the difference to your potential customer. It offers an engaging and trustworthy way of seeing how your product works and doesn’t hide behind any hyped-up text or bullet points. Customers who see the product in action are more likely to recognise its benefits and believe in what you say it does.


  1. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes content is highly versatile and a fantastic way of showing your customers your business processes – an effective tact in these videos is to highlight environmental friendliness and use of clean energy for example. BTS videos are great for showing off staff personalities and building brands whilst cementing your business ethos.


  1. Vlogs and Tutorials

Vlogging has soared over the last years – just ask those influencers. They are a great way to have a conversation with your followers and keep them updated on products being designed and hot topics in your industry. They can softly sell your products or they can be detached from them to simply increase engagement and attract more viewers, ultimately increasing brand awareness. Importantly Vlogs are known for being self shot, so the pressure for high quality visuals is lessened – however beware good (acceptable) audio is still critical to viewer retention.


  1. Office Tours

Office tours can be fun and light to let your customers and clients meet the team behind the business. They are similar to a behind-the-scenes video and offer the same benefits in terms of building a brand and adding some personality to your content. They can help confirm you are an established company and not a one man band working from home (if that’s important to your brand – we all like a sofa & laptop day!).


  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are in our opinion the most powerful videos you can create. Why? well simply because if a client is taking the time to record a video testimonial for you (and let’s face it many people are not overly keen on being on camera) then you must have seriously done a good job. Therefore video testimonials are a super strong asset to have in your media library. Use them on your website, social media channels and even face to face presentations.


  1. FAQ’s  

Frequently Asked Questions – an important part of any website. Turning the traditional written FAQ’s into engaging video topics is a great way to improve your customer experience online, and can be used on Youtube as individual videos which can help your business get discovered by someone interested in your subject. There’s also SEO benefits from ranking videos on search terms found within the FAQ videos. More content = more discoverability online!


Your Options for Creating Video Content

The business world has become an outsourcing culture and creating excellent video content is no different. Many businesses choose to entrust the responsibility of creating epic videos to professional video producers, such as us at Eldraw. However, there is another option to consider alongside this…

Choosing to equip your tech-savvy or marketing staff with the tools to create their own videos in-house can be a worthwhile investment, especially when the demand and trend of video content is not slowing down. To achieve this, you need to source bespoke video training sessions from the likes of Eldraw, who use years of experience and knowledge, share tips and tricks for better self shot video. All within bespoke one to one or group based training sessions.


Whatever you decide, equipping your business with the aforementioned videos is a sure-fire way of enhancing customer experiences and your sales figures.