Tips For Epic Aerial Drone Video For Video Production Projects.

February 21, 2021How To's

Capturing epic aerial drone photography – Tips from our drone video production company. As one of Cambridgeshires well established drone video production agencies – we’re keen to spread the knowledge when it comes to drone photography do’s & dont’s. The use of aerial drone photography / videography is nothing new, however drone technology has come … Read More

How to upload a video on to your website (embed) -VLOG

October 20, 2015How To's

How to upload a video onto your website? To some this may seem like an extremely simple question, however it’s one i’ve been asked many times by various people. Getting your video onto your site should be very simple… People always ask should they upload their videos direct to their website, or upload it to … Read More

How to get better quality video using a mobile phone or tablet

October 6, 2015How To's

We know that its unrealistic to expect every video post to be of a professional standard. with mobile phone cameras getting better every year its possible to keep spontaneous videos looking semi-pro whilst still on a lower budget. Here’s a list of things that you should be doing to raise the standard of any self … Read More

Tips for using video on exhibition stands.

September 29, 2015How To's

Exhibitions are a tried and tested method of promoting your business to a select audience. However it is a competitive world out there, and in many cases there will be more than one company offering the same or similar service as you. So how can you make your business stand out and attract potential customers … Read More

Where to upload my videos? Youtube vs Facebook (pt.2)

May 12, 2015How To's

We already touched on the battle between web giants Facebook and Youtube, but there have been a few key developments in the fight for ‘best video host’ … Facebook now allow videos to be embedded without the supporting post. Previously Facebook videos could only be embedded onto other websites with the entire original post containing … Read More

Top 4 Tips for better looking Vlogs (video blogs)

March 19, 2015How To's

Video blogs (Vlogs) are a popular way to increase the success of a traditional written blog. Most people will record a Vlog and embed it within their website blog. This can also allow you to build up brand awareness via regular video content on social media, and even grow a following on Youtube. Video blogging … Read More

The Importance of adding Closed Captions to Youtube videos!

March 10, 2015How To's

Adding subtitles, known as Closed Captions (CC) to your Youtube videos is important for a number of reasons. Firstly Youtube’s automatic caption generating software is quite appalling, and they admit that – they’re working on it! Not only that, manually adding Closed Captions does offer some SEO benefits too… What are Closed Captions on Youtube? … Read More

How to get more Youtube views

January 30, 2015How To's

A quandary many video users face is ‘how to get more YouTube views’. Clearly the more your video is seen, the more likely it is going to convert to an inquiry, or generate comments & shares. Whether you are using YouTube for business or personal use the principal is the same. Higher YouTube view counts … Read More

What makes a video go Viral?

January 19, 2015How To's

A Viral video by definition is: “A video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email”. The exact number of views that categorises a video as ‘viral’ is really just personal opinion. Viral is ‘lots of views and shares over a short period of time’. … Read More